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thapovan ayurveda powai review
  • “Marma Therapy was very nice and relaxing. Great experience. Will try again.”

    Manjari JainMumbai
  • “I enjoyed the marma therapy. The atmosphere and the room gave me already a nice feeling. The therapy was invigorating and giving me a good body feeling. Therapist found my despaired marmas easily. His pressure was strong, but he stopped at the right moment. I am looking forward to my next therapy here.”

  • “A wonderful experience. Doctor suggested the right massage therapy and the masseuse executed the massage wonderfully. I will definitely come again for follow-up. I had the marma therapy along with face massage. It was a really nice experience. Feeling Very refreshed.”

  • “I did the marma therapy. It's really good, excellent massage. Did a wonderful job. I feel so much better without all my aches and pains. Thank u! ”

    SonalyHiranandani Powai
  • “I had a severe headache due to stress at work, but after doing Shirodhara, I am feeling completely relaxed! The headache is gone and I am feeling light. The Abhyangam is also nice. People are very warm and caring. I will certainly come back to do the treatment.”

    Kavitha IyerMumbai
  • “The back massage was the best of its kind, very relaxing. Thank you! Massage and Shirodhara are very relaxing and rejuvenating.”

    NivedithaPowai, Mumbai
  • “Good relaxing experience with soothing soft music in the back ground”

    Rohit MaratheMumbai
  • “It was Amazing, never had such a good experience. I Say to you all pls. pls try Thapovan Ayurveda Kerala therapies.”

    AntonyRenaissance, Powai
  • “Wonderful experience. People should experience it to believe it, different from other places. Will surely come back again!”

    Predeep ChandrasekharMumbai
  • “I came here on holiday from USA, used their treatment. Very good service. Very knowledgeable. Thapovan is extremely nice. ”

  • “Don’t think about it twice. Go for two hours or you will regret it. Masseuse is great.”

    NancyAustrian Airlines
  • “It is a great experience. I had never had the experience like this. Have very good knowledge. I love the ayurveda therapy. It’s Calling me back. ”

  • “First time visit Thapovan Ayurveda centre. It was a great experience, feeling my pain vanish slowly. Came here with very aching hands and I am leaving without even a little pain on the hand! After taking this Podikkizhi and marma therapy, I am feeing so much relaxed. It sense like my body has become so much light. I Just need a good sleep now to relax. Hope to visit again. Will say to my family & friends about this place.”

    DeepakNahar Amrit Shakti Chandivali
  • “Excellent massage, very relaxing, dedicated traditional therapists. Hygienic place, will make a next visit very soon. One trip the "NASYAM" therapy, I could breath much easier now. Thanks!”

  • “It was a very good podikkizhi treatment and the masseuse has got magic hands. Very good professional.”

  • “I Came here all stressed and worked up. The feeling of being rejuvenated is an out of the mind experience here. My stress has busted and I feel more positive energy in my being. This wonderful experience.”

  • “I Came here all stressed and worked up. The feeling of being rejuvenated is an out of the mind experience here. My stress has busted and I feel more positive energy in my being. This wonderful experience.”

  • “I love the ayurvedic therapy. After that it feels like I am new born.”

  • “very good knowledge about the therapy. I will recommend all my friends. Great job. Thanks!”

  • “My back pain treatment was extremely good. Very knowledgeable and guides the person really well. Massage relaxed my body completely. Dedicated and sincere therapist. Hope the same service level will be maintained. ”

    Manish TiwariL&T Powai
  • “I was suffering from neck and back pain problem. A few sessions of Thapovan ayurveda therapy followed by strict medications, made all the difference. Thank you thapovan ayurveda ”

    Sayak BaroryHiranandani Powai
  • “I was suffering from the pain in my cervical area since the last 8 years. My whole body relaxed after 21days detoxification treatments at Thapovan. Now I am feeling very good.”

    KanjanaHiranandani Powai
  • “Thank you for this sports massage, very good healing treatment. The masseuse is very strong. I feel relaxed and energized. I wish you all the best and will come back next time.”

  • “Good sports massage. Very knowledgeable, sincere and clean professional. I would like to continue”

    S.DasHiranandani Powai
  • “Kerala Ayurvedic massage treatments can benefit you when the therapist knows exactly where the pain is. After completion of course of ayurvedic treatment, I feel much better and relaxed. Thanks for giving me such nice treatment. ”

    R.S. SinghReheja Vihar Chandivali
  • “It was really a good and relaxing session. Was looking for a good therapy center in powai. I am feeling relaxed”

    SwedaIit Powai Mumbai
  • “It was an extraordinary experience. Thanks a lot and for sure I will come back. Right now I am absolutely relaxed. Thanks a lot.”

  • “Thapovan ayurveda is a miracle. Very relaxing. My shoulder pain has vanished. Will come again.”

    LaylaAfrican Airlines
  • “Excellent! Never expected such kind of treatment is available at thapovan ayurveda . 14days therapy my back pain completely cured now”

    NileshJ B Nagar Andheri
  • “The Navarakkizhi pizhichil therapy is an excellent way to heal the body from long settled stress and strain. It heals the body and mind .it was extremely satisfactory experience to get this therapy here at Thapovan.”

  • “It was a very nice experience and my therapist did a great job. Relaxing and absolutely amazing thank you very much.”

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