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Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment

Thapovan Kerala Ayurveda has all the facilities and expertise to provide Panchakarma and rejuvenation therapies described below.

Rejuvenation Massage - This massage includes whole body massage with herbal oil or herbal powder. This is good for rejuvenating the body improving the vitality and reducing mental tension and sexual weakness work wonders for your nervous and immune systems

Padabhyanga: Foot Massage Caring For Your Feet -
Padabhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic Foot Massage treatment awakens the vital energy areas through stimulation of the marma points. It benefits the whole body and nervous system. Foot massage helps in increasing energy, blood circulation, sleeplessness, preserves good eyesight.

Ayurvedic Massage
Abhyangam This whole body massage with medicated oil followed by herbal bath rejuvenates and improves vitality of the body, reduces stress, removes the dead layers of skin, increases the peripheral blood circulation, tone up the muscles, stimulates the nerves and works like a body & mind relaxant.

Marma Therapy
The unique technique of healing through energy points will enhance the body’s ability to receive natural healing energy. These vital points targets energy on defective space, molecules, cells, organs and body systems to detoxify and restore health, youth and vigor.
By gentle touch to certain points on the body, it is possible to balance the energy and remove blocks from the Nadis (subtle channels which carry the flow of prana.). There are 108 main energy points on the surface of the body. Each relates to a different organ or tissue. By gently pressing or massaging these sites prana is stimulated which clears stress and clears blocks in the body and the whole system. This transformational therapy helps rectify defective energy channels in a subtle yet powerful way.

Marma supports the healing process of many diseases including those of the heart, gallbladder and pancreas. It can also be used to just get a peaceful mind. This treatment is perfect for those who need immunity boost.

Bashpasweda: (Steam Bath) For Removing Toxins & Wrinkles - This is a process of medicated steam bath in a typical Kerala style. This used to do along with other treatment as well as independently. The whole process will steam out the excess fat as well as toxicity deposited beneath the Skin. Also it helps to keep your skin in young condition and prevent ageing process as well as wrinkles.

Neck Pain Therapy
The cause of neck pain includes simple strain, sprain and cervical degenerative problems. Spine fractures are a frequent cause of neck pain. Rare causes of neck pain include tumors of the cervical vertebral bodies and tumors involving the spinal chord or its coverings. Pain in the front of the neck is an uncommon symptom in spine problems. grinding or popping noise/sensation with neck movement is another symptom.The pain generally is worse when the neck is extended or head is tilted back. Neck pain can be cured with ayurvedic treatment with Marma Therapy, njavarakizhi, pizhichil, podikkizhi, lepanam etc

Weight Loss Therapy
Udhwartanam: Keeps Your Body Trim And Slim - Udhwartanam is a whole body massage with medicinal fine powder continuously for a hour throughout body, which helps to melt out the extra fat deposits under the skin and flush out through osmosis process. Along with this special massage some oral medicines is also a must, over & above strict diet as per our doctor's advice. this will reduces excess fat, keep the body slim and enhance skin complexion out of any side effect.

Skin Care Therapy
- This therapy includes face massage followed by Herbal facial with Herbal cream, and Herbal pack. This helps in soothing the facial muscles and toning the skin. A facial with soothing ayurvedic oils, medicated steaming and special herbal beauty enhancing powders. Keeps your face glowing. This is the best way to keep your skin soft & beautiful.

Podikkizhi - This a very effective treatment for rheumatism, joint pains, slip disc, sciatica, frozen shoulder, spondylosis etc. this is a special type of massage done with bundle of powdered rare herbs which immersed in hot medicated oil, for continuously in the required part of the body or the whole body and thereafter a hot water bath.

Pizhichil - Spreading warm medicated oil all over the body, synchronized with a complete body massage. Pizhichil is highly effective and recommended in rejuvenation therapy, which helps to control aging, skin complexion, and to remove wrinkles and scales. Pizhichil is recommended in the treatment of neurological problems and Arthritis.

Navara Kizhi - Patients are given massage with linen pouches filled with Navara rice (medicinal rice) cooked in mixture of cow milk and decoctions. Whole body massage with Navara is recommended as a post-treatment to Pizhichil. Navara Kizhi is considered as highly rejuvenating and tension relieving. It helps to cure neurological, rheumatic disorder, lethargy and muscular wasting.

Dhara - Dhara is the process of pouring steady stream of medicated oil or medicines to the affected area of the body. There are different methods of dhara generally used to treat various sicknesses.

Stress care Therapy Shirodhara : a continuous stream of medicated oil is gently poured on the forehead of the patient to tone up brain and improve memory. Shirodhara is considered as the most effective treatment for neurological disorders, Stress, epilepsy, Insomnia, migraine, Parkinson etc.

Thakra Dhara - Thakra Dhara uses buttermilk in place of oils. This is a special treatment recommended for curing Psoriasis and different other types of skin diseases, depression, insomnia etc.

Kheera Dhara - Dhara with milk for treating depression and related illness

Vasti - Vasti is another effective treatment followed in Ayurveda. This process involves retention of medicated oil or decoctions over the affected area of the body.

Sirovasti - Sirovasti is a unique method of retaining medicated oil over the scalp for a specific time with the help of a leather cap fixed around the head. Sirovasti is beneficial for the treatment of Facial Paralysis, Spondylosis, memory loss and eye problems.

Kashayavasti- Kashayavasti is therapeutic enema administered to patients suffering from severe back pain and problems related to spine. This involves injection of decoctions trough rectum and retaining it in the stomach for specific duration.

Netratvasti: Cure Your Vision - Netravasti is a treatment for the eyes helps for Optic nerve degeneration, mainly helps to avoid glaucoma, conjunctivitis, night blindness .

Back Pain Therapy Kativasti : Relax Your Back - Poor Postures, Prolapsed intervertebral disk or strainedmuscle / ligament, inflammation of the pelvic joints, chronic constipation - any of these may cause either a sudden or a gradual onset of low back ache. Sometimes Low Backache may be associated with sciatica, a typical condition characterized with pain radiating from Low Back to the backside of either one/both the legs. Specific oral medication along with kadivasti treatment.

Urovasti: Care your heart
Medicated lukewarm oil is placed over the chest region by making a herbal leak proof paste boundary. Urovasti is an ideal therapy for asthma and breathing problems. It Soothes heart diseases and muscle pains in the chest area.


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