Arthritis & Joint Pain

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Arthritis is a chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder, which may affect your tissues and organs thereby causing pain and ailment.  The symptoms include joint pain, swelling, reduced range of motion, and stiffness. Medications and physical Ayurvedic therapies help reduce the symptoms and improve the quality of life of a person who suffers from joint pain or arthritis. Arthritic changes can occur in any joint, but mostly occur in the weight bearing joints such as knees, ankles due to excessive stress and strain.  We provide Ayurvedic treatments for arthritis which is safe, effective and helps to prevent further progression of the degeneration of cartilages and thus protect the bones from further degeneration.

Therapies and their benefits

  • Poultice therapy includes Podi kizhi, Ela kizhi, Naranga kizhi etc. Poultice therapy helps to bring down the inflammation and thus pain in the joints.
  • Upanaham, lepam etc are paste kind of applications on the affected part. These procedures help in reducing the swelling and inflammation of the affected joints.
  • Pizhichil, dhara, pichu are basically oil pouring therapies which help in healing the cartilage and preventing further wear and tear of the bones and joints.
  • Navarakizhi, navarathepu are therapies which nourish the joints and helps in regenerating the damaged bones and joints.
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